HR1500PTO Econocover System

This Pioneer pivot arm system is an economical tarping solution for multi-axle roll-off trucks and hook hoists transporting containers of the same height.  The hydraulic drive right angle electric gear motor provides steady and quiet rotation of the roller assembly and a fixed gantry.  To cover a load, the hydraulic motor unwinds the tarp and the torsion spring powered arms pull it toward the back.  To uncover a load, the hydraulic motor winds the tarp onto the roller. 

Applications:  Full size hook lift/cable hoist trucks
Container style:  Containers up to 24' long
Standard tarp:  9’ wide expandable heavy duty mesh

  • Fixed length pivot arms
  • Powerful, long-lasting torsion springs provide power to pivot the arms
  • Telescopic gantry can be raised up to 8’ and moves vertically from 60” to 96” to accommodate various container sizes
  • Hydraulic direct drive right angle motor driven gearbox for quiet, efficient operation
  • Ideal for same size containers
  • Powerful, long-lasting torsion spring
  • Flow diverter and control valve for cover operation are low pressure for increased safety
  • Steel pivot arms are standard, but extruded aluminum arms are available
  • Reinforced aluminum or steel pivot arms