The Pioneer A2100 is an economical air powered tarping system for construction, excavation and landscaping applications.  The arms are powered by twin air cylinders mounted under the truck frame, controlling movement in both directions. The air cylinders move simultaneously on a 1¼” solid steel shaft to achieve absolute synchronization and constant pressure on the arms. This eliminates bouncing arms and the possible resulting damage to the tarping system.  The cover/uncover operation is controlled from inside the cab – no springs, motors or wires.

Container style/size:  Truck beds up to 22’
Standard tarp:  heavy duty mesh

  • Underbody shaft delivers synchronized arm movement
  • Absolute synchronization and continuous pressure in covered and uncovered position prevents arms from bouncing
  • No external hoses or cylinders
  • In-cab air valve control provides easy cover/uncover operation with no springs, motors or wires
  • Double-acting air cylinders move simultaneously on 1¼“ solid steel shaft to activate the system in both directions
  • Aluminum or steel pivot arms powered by twin air cylinders mounted under truck body 
  • 3” spring-loaded roller provides smooth operation
  • Power hoop keeps the tarp tightly over the load to stop the tarp from billowing or flapping, decreasing the potential for tarp damage
  • Tarps:  asphalt, waterproof, and tarps with expandable sides